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with a past lost and forgotten Silvio got imprissoned into Oblivions... after millenias he could manage his way to send a mind energy... an illution of the remains of his past to walk along other planes of existence to watch and learn about everything...

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Diary of a forgotten traveler

2011-02-14 14:41:50 by SILVIOgc

Diary of a forgotten traveler part 1

Year ... I started my journey long time ago, I barely can remember how long ago. Everything that I remember is just a stupid boy ambitious in search of an amulet, a strange amulet cursed.
Who am I? ... I only remember my name, some sparks of my past. Now I am known by the name of Silvio ... Silvio the forgotten.
Find out who I was, was the purpose of this trip, a journey that took me into strange lands. I've seen hundreds of new creatures, which I have called some ''friends''. I have also made some enemies, and who does not? , But for now I have no time to talk about them. My past before wander for the oblivion do not matter me anymore, now I am a simple traveler, a traveler who seeks freedom for all, and nobody under the control of others. I am here to help, help anyone who needs it.
Why forgotten? You might wonder, I am the forgotten, because once you do not need me, I will continue, again, the journey that I have begun alone. My memories will be erased, but my teachings will prevail.
I ... my body is trapped, trapped in the depths of oblivion, learning. I sent a spark of energy to this plane. Seeking knowledge, looking for everything that was to be retrieved, but has been afraid to do.
My life ... I have nothing. I am a no, I'm cursed to eternity, and I am a shadow, a dream, or just a sigh. I have no family and I can not have one, I do not belong anywhere, and happiness is unattainable for me.
If you see me go through there, I will know you have a problem, but do not have the courage to admit it, and if they do, know that there is someone or ...'' no one'' willing to help.
Now you know a little more about me, about someone who took a hard life, a long way, and a future far worse. But no matter how, with my head held high, I will help anyone who needs to achieve that which I can never.
That this note will stay in your memories... because I will not be.
Silvio the forgotten, the nonexistence, custodian of the oblivion.

Diary of a forgotten traveler part 2 '' Chat'Eth Dor's revival''

Chat'Eth Dor...
Once, an ancient elven village, covered with charm and glory.
But a disaster occurred. An incursion, chat'eth dor was destroyed by a horde of orcs and giants. Protections, both physical and magical, were broken, leaving everything in ruins, hundreds were killed, including the high elderly patriarch of the village chief. Others escaped, traveling and joining with other families or clans, leaving the land completely desolate. But what nobody knew, was that only two seeds survived the heartburn. Those seeds grew throughout the story, transforming into two powerful and magnificent trees.
One day, a traveler passing through there, and something strange happened. The trees began to act strangely, as if trying to communicate with him, urging him to be closer. The traveler approached one of the trees, the oldest, and he began to walk around, surrounding it and wondering what happened to those trees. He stopped a second and a pleasant warmth covered it, then walked over to the tree and touch it with your bare hand, at once, an intense cold began to explore his spine, the traveler's eyes opened in a trance, like this began to see what happened to the village.
He felt a great sadness when he remove his hand from the tree. Then, the traveler took a few steps back and look at both trees, closed his eyes and promised to transform that place in his home and return it to its former glory, thus becoming the magical village chat'eth dor, a warm place for any traveler who wants to stop and rest, relax, or meet other travelers to exchange and share stories and adventures, a place where everyone willing and able to be completely free.
Only a very important rule put the traveler in place, ''only people who are not owned or not own other people will be very warmly welcomed to this place.''

Diary of a forgotten traveler Part 3: ''The Oblivion''

Day X:

Now I will tell the story of how it all started, this is the ''zero'' day.
I, in my past was a hum ... humanoid, a humanoid creature is every being composed of two arms, one hand on each arm, two legs, one foot on each leg, 5 fingers on each hand and foot, a chest and a head, taking the form of a human.
It was not long after receiving the blessing of the mother bear, I fell into oblivion.
Oblivion is a place of despair, Oblivion is fear itself, nothingness, mu, a place I do not recommend it to anyone there, who comes here is blind, deaf and dumb, always invaded by the feeling that someone is watching, as one spends more time there, he feels that the body is going very slowly undoing, tearing the bowels.
After this brief introduction I will tell you how I got there.
Spent weeks or months after receiving the blessing that I started a journey, learning different things, when I found it, or better to say ... it found me. There, resting on an altar of stone, tempting me to grab it, a strange sensation ran through my spine, the altar had an inscription that was incomprehensible to my knowledge at that time, it was a seal, a seal that had guarded the danger within, but this ... jumped to me. Once I touched that damn amulet I found myself face to face with Lord of Oblivion. Years and years I fought against this, it wanted to own my body for use as a bridge, he did ... or that's what we both thought. Some elders, who sealed the amulet, put an extra seal for anyone who touches it, he would turn into The Lord of Oblivion, that person would gain power, but with terrible consequences: he will be destined to oblivion, a punishment for trying to release its power. None of us knew about it, well, I did not know anything at all.... As I said, The Lord of Oblivion possessed my body, but the seal imprisoned us.
Now I have its essence in me, and my body was trapped in Oblivion, without way out. From here I can observe everything, but without the possibility of acting, my body underwent many changes that I can not tell my appearance, but that's not important. I'm cursed with loneliness; I do not need to explain what loneliness is.
Luckily and millennia of concentration, I could release part of my mind, I created an illusion, a copy of me, a... shell of me on this plane of existence, to meet, talk, listen, express, and most importantly ... learn more.

Diary of a forgotten traveler, Part 4: ''The Equinox''

Now I'll talk about The Equinox, my only chance to be ''free'' for at least a few minutes and then move to this plane of existence before being absorbed back to Oblivion.
An equinox is when all objects, for example, the planets are aligned in one direction along with the sun, forming a straight line, this happens very rarely as once every 10,000 years.
Well, now imagine that but with a much larger scale, an equinox interplanar: an equinox between different planes of existence, this is even rarer. An equinox between two planes is, for example, when a door or gate is open between them, allowing different things happen and go to different places, such as demons or angels, beings of darkness or light, elementals or other beings. I have seen many of these beings on this plane of existence and surely I'll see more.
The interplanar equinox is the key to open the portal from oblivion to the first material plane, also known as the universe. Luckily I found the opportunity to enter this plane of existence for much longer, but with the side effect of losing almost everything in my power...

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